Psychic Protection

Search the internet for ‘Psychic Protection’ and you will be bombarded with adverts for, Sage,  Spells,  Crystals,  Candles, Talismans, Magical rings and bracelets, and a plethora of other fantastical wonders.

But do any of these items work?

The truth is: if you believe in something; really believe then the power of your mind channels your intent to imbue that object with strength. 
You may remember the animated cartoon film Dumbo: he believed he could fly because he held the feather in his trunk.  But you don’t need that magical feather or any of those objects from the internet to protect yourself. For you carry the greatest strength and protection within yourself.

The following meditations will protect you and guard you against ALL psychic or paranormal harm. They have been successfully used in the most extreme circumstances and ‘Flaring the Light’ is always used by the members of the Psychic Rescue team before any clearance work is undertaken.

As the poles of two magnets repel each other it is the same for the light, for it repels darkness and those that come from darkness cannot get near, which is why it is the strongest protection there is.

Within each of us near to the heart area is a seed of light which is a part of God, which is within us as a spirit, which is why we survive the death of the body and why we have eternal life.

It is also there for us to use, for it is a source of great power.

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Meditation 1
‘Flaring your Light’

Sit quietly and picture the light. Imagine this seed is like a candle’s flame that is burning within you; now see it rising till it burns above your head, intensely bright, its light falling down over you, covering you, enveloping you in its warmth and intensity.  Feel the light as it falls down, and tuck the light under your feet to make a floor beneath you. 

So now you are completely enclosed and enveloped in the light. You are calm, you are at peace with yourself and at peace with the world. See this light grow brighter, and flaring out, to let the light cover anyone else you wish to protect.

Sit in the light, and feel its warmth and aura of protection, and just let this do its work. You can go through the exercise again whenever you feel stressed, nervous or in danger.

Meditation 2
‘Flaring your Light’

Tell yourself that you are going to flare your light and then imagine that seed of light is growing within you. It grows until it completely surrounds your body by up to at least 6 inches. 

Then with your mind you make that light as bright as you can bear. (Thought is the most powerful force within this world and if you decide to do something you will, so don’t doubt it.)

Meditation 3
‘Flaring your Light’

This is another very useful exercise and is especially good and works well with children
When the child gets into bed, help the child imagine that the bed is surrounded with blocks of light like giant lego bricks, and what the child does is to build an igloo around and over the bed using these light bricks. Using one brick at a time to create a curving wall, layer after layer after layer with the bricks bonding together to form solid walls that curve around and upwards over the bed, until the last one is directly over the child. You can have the bricks all the same colours or alternating colours or even a myriad of colours. 

The child is now completely encased in this igloo of light and nothing whatever can enter that igloo. He or she is totally safe.

This method can be given to any child who struggles with bad dreams or in getting to sleep, for it occupies their mind which helps them get to sleep; it may help develop any psychic ability that they may have and it does give total protection at the same time.

Also it can be used by any adult who is suffering from insomnia, for it concentrates the mind and stops the circling thoughts that can come from an over active mind.