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Have you experienced any of the following:

  • Things being moved with no apparent cause?
  • Light switches and other electrical equipment being turned on and off?
  • Seeing someone crossing the room and disappearing through the door or wall?
  • A child talking and playing with a non-existent playmate?
  • Feeling that someone is watching you?
  • Hairs on the back of your neck standing out?
  • A sudden coldness surrounding you?
  • People suddenly being physically harmed?
  • Voices telling you to do things you would not normally do?
  • Suddenly feeling afraid for no reason?
  • Unpleasant out of character thoughts coming into your mind?



If you can say ‘Yes’ to any of the above you do need the professional help from the team at Psychic Rescue, for such disturbances do not go away of their own accord.

About Us

We are a team of working psychics, unique spirit healers and  mediums, with many years’ experience. You can receive real  practical help and advice if you are troubled by any form of  psychic disturbance.

We do not work in the name of any one religion or dogma, but we do work in the Light.

So if you have a problem and you think there is no one out there to listen or help; well now there is.  Contact our professional, caring, knowledgeable team of experts.

Don’t sit and suffer: contact us today.