About Us

We are a team of working psychics, unique spirit healers and mediums, with many years of experience. You can receive practical help and advice if you are troubled by any form of psychic disturbance. This can be anything from a ‘noisy ghost’, a house or building that needs to be cleared of negative energies, to disturbances of a much larger nature.

We are based in East Anglia and are willing to travel anywhere to provide the help required. However, additionally, we have the ability to project our minds anywhere around our world, ascertain what is causing the disturbance and deal with it.

We have dealt with many different situations and unlike other so-called ‘experts’ who will appear with lots of equipment and then spend a lot of time looking and listening only at the end to say, “Yes you have a problem” and then leave, we will solve your problem.

We do not work in the name of any one religion or dogma and we are not a cult. We work in the Light and are guided by Ascended Master Spirits who some may call these Angels.
Some of the situations that we have dealt with include:

Angels, angelic or astral beings (which can be either positive or negative in nature), Ashento spirits, clairvoyant or magical curses or hexes, diabolic entities and demons and demonic possession’s, with the devil and devil worship including that practised in covens.

Hauntings by apparitions, ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists, elementals, fairies, fae beings, djinn, jinn or jinni.

The practice of Satanism and sorcery using spells, Voodoo, Wicca, and black magic rituals involving warlocks, witches and witchcraft.

Not all of the above are necessarily evil or malevolent. Not all disturbances are caused by the unearthly, sometimes there is a perfectly rational explanation. However, most times, when we are called in all the rational explanations have been explored and what is left is paranormal or beyond normal understanding. At that point, we will define what is causing the problem, discover why it is doing this, and then discover the best way to remove the problem which may include the exorcism of evil spirits. Once all the preliminary work is done then we will safely and with minimum fuss complete the process.

So if you have a problem and you think there is no one out there to listen or help; well now there is. Call our professional, caring, knowledgeable team of experts.

Don’t sit and suffer: contact us today.